We are pleased to inform that NRP Finans AS have successfully assisted SFL Corporation (“SFL”) as an advisor in connection with SFL being awarded time charter contracts of 10-year period to a major European-based automobile manufacturer. In order to serve the TC contracts SFL will order 2 LNG -fueled Car Carriers of 7,000 CEU with commencement of the TCs in 2023. SFL will cooperate with Lauterjung Shipmanagement as technical manager.

SFL Corp. is one of the world’s biggest shipowners with ownership interest in bulk, tank, container and offshore. The company has a total investment portfolio of 84 units/vessels and has an enterprise value of abt. USD 3.2 billion and is listed on the New York stock exchange. John Fredriksen is the largest shareholder in SFL.

Lauterjung Shipmanagment is a German based shipowner and ship manager with a fleet of around 20 vessels. The company is also managing technically the two car carriers in the NRP portfolio.

For more information, see Newsweb at Oslo Stock Exchange: https://newsweb.oslobors.no/message/531494