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NRP Procurator joins forces with VIEW Ledger

Together with NRP Procurator, VIEW accelerates its investment in family offices, funds, real estate, and shipping verticals. With NRP’s experience and VIEW’s technology, the new VIEW Procurator will together be able to deliver efficient systems and solid advisory to current and future customers.


Strengthens competence in verticals with NRP Procurator

– NRP Procurator has very competent employees, an attractive and exciting customer portfolio, and an important network. This is a company that has a great deal of experience in the market as well as established credibility, says John Hugosson, CEO of VIEW Group.

– NRP Procurator will join our already existing concepts, VIEW Tax and VIEW Family Office, which will strengthen the offering to our customers significantly, he continues.

– With NRP Procurator we will get 41 highly experienced and knowledgeable employees in the new vertical VIEW Procurator. This team will have a niche focus within investment companies, funds, shipping, and real estate, and will achieve positive synergies through the sharing of experience and knowledge among the employees.

– We are very excited to welcome NRP, and the customers can look forward to fantastic service and solid expertise in both accounting, consulting, and technology services concludes John.

Smart technology and IT solutions provide efficient deliveries to customers

The industry is characterized by high technological development, and it is essential to have technological expertise and IT systems that foster efficient customer deliveries. In light of this, NRP considered a new strategic owner who can run the business even better going forward.

– We wanted to identify whether there was a strategic owner with future-oriented technology, significant IT expertise, and a clear and defined strategy that would further develop NRP Procurator’s unique market position, says Ragnvald Risan, CEO of the NRP group.

– We believe that VIEW meets all our criteria as a new strategic owner and that their focus on the high-end market coincides with and is complementary to NRP Procurator’s focus area. Together we will build a team that delivers outstanding service to current and future customers, continues Ole Joachim Jonstang, Managing Director of NRP Procurator.

– In addition, we have great faith in the vertical anchoring in the VIEW system and we experience the group as very pragmatic and competent. As part of the transaction, we have chosen to reinvest in VIEW, as we believe in the company’s ability to improve value creation in a joint VIEW Procurator as we advance, concludes Ragnvald.

About VIEW

VIEW Ledger is part of the VIEW Group, founded in 2004, and is a rapidly growing Nordic player in AccounTech and IT. The 540 employees are currently spread over more than 20 offices in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Together they deliver business systems, accounting technology, and services in accounting, payroll, and financial consultancy. The company’s Nordic turnover is approximately NOK 640 million.

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