NRP Project Finance

Leading arranger of direct investments within shipping and offshore

NRP Project Finance was founded in year 2000 and is a leading Norwegian manager and facilitator of direct investments within the maritime space, private maritime funds, and a financial advisor within debt and financing.


> 0250
shipping transactions concluded
per Q4 2023
$ 03,600
raised since inception
per Q4 2023
$ 0500
assets under management
per Q4 2023
vessels in portfolio
per Q4 2023

Leading arranger of direct investments and financial advisor within shipping and offshore

Through our close relations and international network of shipowners, shipbrokers and investors, we structure and arrange direct investments within shipping and offshore segments. Utilizing our long-lasting relationship and partnership with shipowners worldwide we strive to provide our investors with attractive investment opportunities within all sub-segments through co-investment with our partners.

NRP Project Finance also assists shipowners’ on a global basis with financing, restructurings and sourcing of strategic equity partners. Our global network of financiers and investors coupled with our deep knowledge of shipping and offshore markets enable us to find the right partner or financing structure to meet a shipowners needs and minimize risks.

Our Expertise

Direct Investments

For more than 20 years, NRP Project Finance have been an arranger of direct investments within shipping segments such as dry bulk, container- and tanker markets. Building on our extensive network of shipowners, shipbrokers and investors worldwide, we structure and facilitate shipping projects providing investors with the opportunity to invest directly into syndicated non-listed projects. Over the last 20+ years NRP Project Finance have structured and arranged direct investments within almost all sub-segments within the shipping space including car carriers, multi-purpose/heavy-lift vessels, cruise, gas, reefers to name some.

Asset Backed- & Corporate Finance

In addition to being an arranger of direct investments, NRP Project Finance assist shipowners’ with sourcing and arranging the optimal equity partner or financing structure for newbuilding programs, refinancing of existing fleets and restructurings. As an arranger of financing, we utilize our network of traditional banks, private equity funds and alternative lenders worldwide to obtain the best financing solutions tailormade for the shipowners’ needs and purpose.

Current portfolio

NRP Investor Portal

We have developed a tailormade Investor Portal for our clients

NRP offers a tailormade Investor Portal providing clients and investors with easy access to follow the development in their current portfolio of projects and funds.

Through the Investor Portal, clients can follow the latest valuation of their investments portfolio, including historical dividend distributions and related news for each investments within their portfolio. In addition to accessing your personal portfolio, NRP Universe provides Investors with the opportunity to view and evaluate all direct investments and funds within NRP’s portfolio.

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