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Equity Strategy - Premium Maritime Funds

The Premium Maritime Funds are Norwegian domiciled closed-end AIFs with a strategy to co-invest with «best in class» industrial shipowners (fully aligned) diversified in the most liquid asset classes within shipping, namely tank, bulk and container.

Provides a cost effective diversified exposure to the physical shipping markets and access to a strong deal flow in a complex investment environment. The funds are managed by an experienced team with strong execution ability and proven track record in turn-around situations.

Exposure to the underlying shipping market

Our funds provide access to direct investments in quality shipping assets together with industrial shipowners.

We take a diciplined investment approach and rigorously assess each investment opportunity based on its return potential.

By focusing on diversification, portfolio composition and other risk mitigating features we aim to manage and exploit market cyclicality over time.
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Dowside focus and risk mitigation

It is our belief that an essential part of achieving favourable risk adjusted returns while investing in shipping is by staying capitalized through the cycles. By co-investing with operational shipowners specialized in each respective segment, being selective in asset selection and adding a sensible financing structure, we mitigate operational risk and manage market risk.

Partner selection
Our strategy is to co-Invest with shipowners that can demonstrate an excellent commercial- and operational track record over time and that contributes with significant equity alongside our funds.

Asset selection
We focus on traditional vessels with standard design, typically mid-life and within the most liquid segments. By avoiding niche tonnage, we reduce the risk of our vessels becoming obsolete with respect to charterers' preference. Segment liquidity and accompanying transparency facilitate the opportunity to divest opportunistically based on market developments.

Deal structuring
In order to cope with the cyclicality of the industry, we believe it is essential with a sensible financial structure and robust break even levels that can endure different market climates. Incentive allignment across all stakeholders is also a critical part of the deal structuring to ensure that all parties work to optimize returns.

As predicting short-term market developments is almost impossible, we are big believers in diversification. We have a long-term investment horizon and strive to be capitalized in the various segments when these experience upcycles. Our portfolio approach provides diversification within the segments with regards to sub-segments as well as employment and thus facilitates a broad exposure to the shipping markets.


Premium Maritime Fund Factsheet - Q3 2023
23. November 2023
15. July 2024


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