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NRP Anaxo Nordic m2

Alternative Investment Fund focusing on the Nordic listed real estate sector.

NRP Anaxo Nordic m2 is actively managed fund and a liquid real estate investment opportunity. The Fund focuses on Nordic  listed real estate companies, but can also invest parts of the fund in European companies. The portfolio will consist of 15 – 30 stocks and is charactirsed by companies with a proven abiltiy to create shareholder value through predictable and profitable growth.

Share class Date Net asset value
NRP Anaxo Nordic m2 A (NOK) 29.02.24 94,9719
NRP Anaxo Nordic m2 B (SEK) N/A N/A
NRP Anaxo Nordic m2 C (NOK) 29.02.24 96,1992
NRP Anaxo Nordic m2 D (SEK) 29.02.24 93,5198

Investment strategy, process and philosopy

NRP Anaxo Nordic m2 is actively managed,  providing us with a lasting opportunity to effectively invest in the right companies, in the right sub-sectors.

The objective is to build a concentrated portfolio consisting of 15-30 real estate stocks. The target is to create alpha and to outperform our benchmark index which contains the majority of the listed Nordic real estate companies.

The investment process is based on fundamental research including thorough industry analysis, as well as individual company analysis.

We are long-term investors focusing on companies that have a proven track record of creating shareholder value through predictable and profitable growth.

Other funds

Avanza Fastighet by Norhammar
Avanza Fastighet by Norhammar is a UCTIS fund focusing on Nordic listed real estate companies and was founded in 2021. It is exclusively available on the Avanza platform and is managed by NRP Anaxo Mangement AS. The fund targets swedish retail investors.

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